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Qleeno Standard


Qleeno is the new automatic low-profile floor scrubber that will revolutionize cleaning! Through its unique design it opens up a whole new dimension of modern floor cleaning.

Its patented brush head is only 7.5'' high and is therefore the lowest on the market.

This makes it possible for Qleeno to clean hard to reach areas such as underneath benches, lockers bathroom stalls, hospital beds, restaurant equipment, and store furniture where one otherwise would have to clean manually.

Qleeno scrubs and dries in one sweep and moves in all directions, thereby making the users work an ease.

The low-profile of Qleeno makes it very easy to transport, just fold down the handle, roll it away like a suitcase on its built in wheels and load into the trunk of any average sized car.


  • 7.5'' high

The standard height of many types of furniture, industrial kitchen appliances and store furniture is approximately 8'' which makes it necessary to manually clean underneath these aside from cleaning the floor with a machine.

Qleeno is only 7.5'' high which means that it fits underneath these former obstacles and gives a machine clean result.

The machines edge is only 5.5'' high which enables access under foot rests and other even lower obstacles.

  • Hovers

Qleeno has a design with turn able wheels and a low friction brush head. This combination makes the machine hover around freely in all directions. The machine's suction ability removes the need for drying the floors.

Qleeno gives a direct time savings and user friendly operation.

  • Easy to transport

The machine is easy to fold and transport in a normal car. No need for expensive special vehicles. It is also easy to roll and move up staircases where there is no elevator. Qleeno only weighs 66 pounds empty.

  • Easy to store

Many architects and house planners forget to incorporate spaces for cleaning equipment. Qleeno is so small when folded together that it fits with ease in an average sized closet.

  • Environmentally friendly

Through its unique design, Qleeno has a very low consumption of water and detergent while maintaining a competitive cleaning capacity. Qleeno is thereby both energy efficient and environmental friendly.

  • Quiet

Qleeno has a work mode with half the experienced noise level. This is very effective in sound sensitive environments and cleaning during working hours. With one push of a button you can change between quiet mode and normal mode when needed.


Working width: 15'', (Pad/brush 12”)
Working time per tank refill: 30 minutes
Voltage: 230/115V 50/60Hz
Effect: 1300W
Size (LxWxH): 38.8'' x 16.5'' x 7.5'' (Ex. handle)
Weight (empty): 66 lbs.
Brush pressure: 26.5 lbs.

Qleeno operates in all directions with a unique system. Therefore several traditional specifications must be re-defined.

***Please see the Cleaning Detergents page for the right detergent in your facility***